Q-tree: Is it possible to add a scrollbar?

  • I have a dynamically built tree with multiple levels. User can expand all or collapse all using buttons. If expanding the tree makes it longer than the page, I’d like to show a scrollbar.

    And if that’s possible, I’d also like a way to ensure a selected node is visible by auto-scrolling to show it.

    I tried this but it doesn’t work…


    I know I can have the whole page scroll, but I want to keep the top toolbar visible while the tree scrolls. I also have another panel beside it with related information which should not scroll with the tree.

  • Found a way to do it, but probably a better way. Anyway here’s what works for me…
    In the template:

    <div id="treeScroll" class="scroll overflow-hidden">
       <q-scroll-area :style="treeHeightStyle">
           <div class="q-px-sm">

    And in the script:

    mounted () {
      window.addEventListener('resize', this.setTreeHeight)
    destroyed () {
    methods: {
      setTreeHeight () {
        const treeTop = document.getElementById('treeScroll').offsetTop
        const treeHeight = window.innerHeight - treeTop
        this.treeHeightStyle = 'height: ' + treeHeight + 'px'
    data () {
      return {
        treeHeightStyle: '',

    If anyone has a better approach, let’s hear it. Otherwise, maybe someone else will benefit from this post.
    Still haven’t figured out how to ensure the selected tree item is visible.

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