CSS cursors for fun and profit

  • Recently I needed to change cursor for drag’n’drop. In Quasar there is only css class - cursor-pointer:

    So I found this thread on SO:

    And converted the nice list of CSS cursors to Quasar style:

        cursor: alias
        cursor: all-scroll
        cursor: auto
        cursor: cell
        cursor: context-menu
        cursor: col-resize
        cursor: copy
        cursor: crosshair
        cursor: default
        cursor: e-resize
        cursor: ew-resize
        cursor: grab
        cursor: grabbing
        cursor: help
        cursor: move
        cursor: n-resize
        cursor: ne-resize
        cursor: nesw-resize
        cursor: ns-resize
        cursor: nw-resize
        cursor: nwse-resize
        cursor: no-drop
    // .cursor-none
    //     cursor: none
    // .cursor-not-allowed
    //     cursor: not-allowed
    // .cursor-pointer
    //     cursor: pointer
        cursor: progress
        cursor: row-resize
        cursor: s-resize
        cursor: se-resize
        cursor: sw-resize
        cursor: text
    // .cursor-url
    //     cursor: url(https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/myBall.cur),auto
        cursor: w-resize
        cursor: wait
        cursor: zoom-in
        cursor: zoom-out

    The ones already present in Quasar are commented, the URL one also, because it is an example of your own cursor.

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