Cordova in 2020

  • Hi all,
    I’ve been trying to use the Cordova feature that Quasar has to offer. I couldn’t get my app, which only displays some text and an image, working at all. Android Studio and its emulators are incredibly slow, and XCode is not much faster. While I can try to work through the errors, the slowless is unbearable. I am wondering if others have the same experience or I am doing something wrong. I don’t have any previous experience with mobile development. I’m using a MacbookPro 2012; 2.5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5; 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3; SSD.

    Also, has anyone here successfully built an app that is in production using Cordova?

    Thanks for reading my message and appreciate it if you could help.

  • @april yep, and a simple, testing, “defensive” environment for mobile apps took me more than 140 GB od hd! And there is this gradle compatibility… You’re right with your accent in topic on “2020” 🙂

  • @qyloxe haha “140 GB of hd”… i feel your pain 🙂 I’m playing with Flutter now…

  • Yes we have successfully put apps in the Itunes and Play store with Quasar. Simulators are not perfect in replicating the Mobile behavior ( especially for newer IOS devices). Debugging on a real device is much better and faster and sometimes necessary for testing Cordova specific features.

  • @dobbel Thank you! This really helps. I’ll try with the real devices.

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