single js/css file for the whole framework?

  • most people come to it after being scared off or disgusted by angular/react or whatever bloated and uselessly complex framework

    That’s exactly what drove me to use Vue instead of React as I didn’t want to change my workflow for a library. I guess Quasar was just that good, and it was easy to get started due to the cli. It does seem strange how Quasar isn’t “drop in a <script src=…> tag and use” like vue is, and a codepen showing off the components would be neat, but it’s just not that difficult to install the quasar-cli and init a project to check it out. The beginner/quickstart documentation does need some love though.

  • @JCharante I had that same path, and when I got to Vue and realized the UI was totally up to me, I started gathering components to make my own UI framework. At the Nth google search for a missing UI element, I stumbled upon Quasar. I have now deleted my messy bootstrap UI library from my working repo and never looked back since. And now I have the peace of mind of knowing that most of what I code for the web today will seamlessly work across all platform combos (native/web + desktop/mobile + touch/mouse, etc).
    IMHO Quasar is the long missing link between Vue and the user’s display (whatever the device).

  • @rstoenescu this topic is starting to accumulate interesting ideas and potential quotes for Quasar’s marketing. /wink

  • Webpack is intimidating. I ran off when I first installed the vue-webpack template. But most things you do not actually need to understand.

    You only need the src folder.

    That’s right. Just the src folder. Forget about everything else

    Now you know that, go on and play! (it helps if you know your way around the basics of vue)

  • thanks for all the responses.
    as I am new here, I am not sure if some of you are forum moderators/contributors of quasar or not.
    of course, I was talking from my experience only, I still believe a starter codepen example would be super helpful and when the time comes, one can progress to the more complicated stuff.
    I know my way around vue (this is how I came to quasar) and feel very comfortable with it.what I did until now for UI is mostly using vue templates to “spit out” semantic UI components (semantic UI the framework). so its not that I was considering react/angular at all. I bumped into quasar searching for a UI component framework for Vue and like I said, the lack of an easy to use start is intimidating to me…
    thanks again, and hopefully someone will pick this thread up and think its worth investing a little time to implement this idea.

  • I think the reason why there is no drop in snippet for Quasar at the moment is that Quasar is mostly focusing on single page applications, which are by their nature more complex than just using Vue for some small stuff.
    And as @spectrolite said you’re making yourself a hard time, by not using single file components and webpack, because your application will become hard to maintain. Keep in mind that Quasar is marketed as a framework and not as a UI library.

    I can really recommend this free video by Jeffrey Way to get comfortable with webpack (Also the rest of this free series is also a great learning resource ). But if you use the Quasar template you basically do not have to worry about webpack at all, because it is all configured out of the box for you.

    1. You just need to install node and then run npm install -g quasar-cli from within your terminal to get the quasar-cli tools installed.
    2. Then you run quasar init my-awesome project to create a new project
    3. From within the project folder you run npm install to install al depedencies
    4. Finally, run npm run dev this will kick of webpack and once it’s finished automatically open up a browser with your new awesome project

    On the other hand, including Quasar quickly into things like JSBin would be really cool to showcase things. It would be also really helpful for issuing bugs because you can provide a small working example of your problem without spinning up a whole repo and project.

  • @a47ae your ‘easy bug proof’ is a super important point actually… this is another +1 for the simple inclusion of the full quasar js+css

  • Yeah, it is super convenient that when there is an issue for plain Vue, you can just provide a stripped down example, this even helps to test if the error is really in the framework or in another code influencing it. I have seen Evan ask a lot of times for stripped down examples on issues in the Vue repo.

    So should we open up an issue on Github, because we need two things to accomplish that, a single build of Quasar and that build has to be published to a CDN to integrate it into JSBin. I think both points wouldn’t be much of a problem to accomplish, but I’d like to hear @rstoenescu 's take on that. 🙂

  • I made an issue on Github for a standalone build, If you also think this would be a good addition to Quasar, please give this issue a thumbs up:

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    Thanks for creating a Github ticket for this.