Axios instance interceptors not working

  • i have the following code

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import axios from 'axios'
    import {Notify} from 'quasar'
    const instance=axios.create({
        message:"Hello there!"
    Vue.prototype.$axios = instance;

    I dont know why but the interceptor is not even triggered on any response i checked this by logging text to console in first as well as in second parameter’s body.

  • @Abdullah-Sohail working fine on mine, maybe return the Promise.reject(error) like in axios interceptor signature at gh return Promise.reject(error).

  • @metalsadman after too much trouble i was finally able make it work BUT for only response error like 429 which was specific to a third party news api on the other hand i am using firebase auth (REST) to authenticate user if a user puts a invalid password then an error response is sent back by firebase and i am trying to catch that here in the interceptor ( error like 420 ) but its still not getting caught by the interceptor is this problem specific to firebase or what?

  • @Abdullah-Sohail i don’t know, you should check in your network tab, see what error code they(firebase) returned.

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