Themeing, Stylus vs SCSS

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    Or maybe you can offer a patreon backer something substantial that the drive-by consumer doesn’t have access to.

    Razvan will attack bugs from Patreon donors at a higher priority. I am not sure it is a standard policy, but I know he does this. It’s sort of common sense thing to do, but maybe making it a clear objective/ expectation of being a supporter through Patreon could be a good thing?

    This sounds like a win-win to me for everyone involved. However, it also creates obligations. And I’m not sure if that’s what he wants while not being able to work on it full time. It comes down to simple economics (at least from my very remote perspective).

    It’s a tightrope walk. More buzz would be great, more patreon backers too. But the growth and obligations to fulfill people’s wishes that come with it would inevitably pose a scaling issue at some point, without considering turning it into a business case, like Ionic did. And reaching this point, things get exponentially more complicated.

    I’m honestly in awe when I see how much time and effort Razvan already invested. That’s what makes me stick around here in the first place!

    On the other hand, there’s the critical perspective: If I’d consider using it for a large project for a client, every piece of information that makes me feel more relaxed about all the possible issues (support, roadmap, LTS, etc) would certainly be positive. Will this still be maintained a year from now? And how will the ever increasing complexity of feature requests affect the project?

    I personally love the idea of a crowd funded framework that doesn’t involve one large company dictating how we should do things. But taking into account that even VueJS on patreon didn’t crack the 10k mark yet with hundreds of thousands of downloads and even Weex/Alibaba being involved, Im not sure you can solely rely on goodwill. But the discussion about “free is not exactly free” is a long and opinionated one. 😉

    I wish the best for it and I already signed up for a patreon donation.

  • Good points Oliver. In the end, I am certain Razvan will make the best decisions. We just need to support him as best we can too. 😄


  • Maybe a good time to revisit this topic… @rstoenescu

    There are still two mixins I haven’t been able to create with Stylus.
    (The second of which: ‘Dynamic Theme CSS generator for multiple theme variables’ will be key to be able to create multiple themes to make them user-selectable. Another thing which might be interesting to add to Quasar.)

    Maybe integrating SCSS as default is something more realistic now with 0.15 out?

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    We’ve talked on Discord about this… Quasar themes !== some mixin that you want.

  • Exactly! It’s not Quasar themes is something completely different I understand now.

    For users who want to Dynamically change the default Quasar colors etc. You can do so with a special Stylus mixin!

    The creation of the mixin and the usage both explained towards the end of this thread:

    It works great!

  • Hello,

    we have a couple of running websites, the front-end is maintained by gulp/sass/jquery/materialize-css, the core is .NET based. Atm, i want to pass as much view jobs from jQuery to Vue. By doing this i think about replacing the UI-framework with Quasar. I choose Vue because of its components and iam excited to get additional advantage if the UI-framework makes as well use of them.
    Unfortunately after a some hours of testing, i realize that we cant use Quasar because the embeding process might be too time consuming.

    You are using the exotic css-preprocessor stylus, why this?!? I wasnt able to figure out any advantages by using this instead of SASS and migrating all our SASS universe might not be an option. We got booted because of this decision 🙂

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    You are using the exotic css-preprocessor stylus, why this?!? I wasnt able to figure out any advantages by using this instead of SASS and migrating all our SASS universe might not be an option. We got booted because of this decision 🙂

    1. Nothing stops you from using Sass on your Quasar projects (see docs). The only con is that you won’t have access to Quasar internal variables (if you’re reusing your views, you probably won’t need them).
    2. Stylus is not exotic at all: it’s the most popular preprocessor after Sass and Less, and arguably more flexible and expressive than first two. Another advantage is that Stylus is written in Node, while Sass is written in Ruby (therefore requiring an additional dependence). So, when Quasar started, years ago, Stylus was probably the boldest choice – now, that it isn’t in active maintenance anymore, it’s not such a future-proof choice.

  • Hey thanks for replay 🙂
    Of course i can use SASS and Quasar - no doubt, but iam looking for a GUI Framework for existing Projects written with SASS and now i have to make a descision. I can replace SASS with Stylus in my projects or replace Stylus in Quasar with SASS - i dont like both options 😞
    I understand your decision as you explained it.
    Didnt ever heard of Stylus nowadays it doesent seem to be a thread. If its the smarter preprocessor, maybe it failed because of the inappropriate website it has.

  • You could also use SCSS/SASS alongside with the Quasar Stylus theme. At the end it is all transpiled to vanilla CSS.
    Only thing you currently can’t to is to use the Stylus variables in SCSS/SASS. But I guess one could find a workaround for that.

    Stylus, albeit not as popular as SASS and LESS is one of the largest CSS preprocessors out there.
    It is know and loved for its very flexible syntax. But in the end I think you shouldn’t depend your choice of framework on the CSS preprocessor used.
    I see a lot of new projects not using a traditional preprocessor at all but switching to PostCSS and this seems to work out well.

  • @celtic Stylus sure did not “fail”. Stylus was one of the reasons I chose Quasar. Vue CLI 3 has a building option for it:

  • I figured out that the css preprocessor is not really a thread.
    I was using this great tool:
    Now my build can handle both SASS and Stylus 🙂

    Unfortunately Quasar wont be our choice as it turned out that it is a kind of fullstack spa, and i need a very specific own made build, vue-cli is not an option for us.
    But you did a great work, I wish you much success!

  • I’m currently deciding whether to bet the ranch on Quasar for a new project. One of my concerns is that it’s so tied to Stylus which is clearly now a dead project. Is there any plan to port it over to SASS?

    My other big concern is that Quasat seems to be a one-man project (albeit a very productive one man!) - how many other people are actively involved in its development?

  • Hey @spanners welcome to Quasar. 🙂
    You will be in no way tied to use Stylus, it is true that the internal components use Stylus as CSS pre processor, but you can choose whatever you like for your Quasar app.
    The docs explain how you can switch the pre processor on the example of SCSS.
    Also, if somehow there are issues with Stylus that are not resolved upstream, I am certain that Quasar will adopt accordingly.

    If you look at the contributor graph at GitHub you will see, that there are actually a lot of people that contribute to Quasar and there are two lead developer, namely @rstoenescu and @pdanpdan

    I can only recommend you to join our Discord chat at where the community is way more active. From the forum you could get a false impression about how much people care for Quasar. 🙂

    Hopefully I could resolve you concerns, otherwise I am glad to answer additional questions.

  • Hi @a47ae - thank you very much for your quick and informative response - it is very encouraging 😃
    As you suggest I will join the discord forum - Quasar certainly looks like a great framework and I am seriously considering adopting it for our new project.

  • I think there will be some changes possibly in the future on this front. I am not sure exactly and not sure it is 100% related, but I have a feeling it is, from the little bit I know. Still, don’t get too excited, but like everything Razvan has done before, whatever it is, it will be good, even if it ends up totally unrelated. 😉