quasar serve vs debugging on android

  • Hello,
    Im pretty new to the communty and have just started developing an app last month.

    Vue made it very easy to set up and build SPA and using quasar cli was very easy to build a android app.

    My app in prod talks to a JAVA based API, to get components set up I created mocks using json-server with included proxyAPI and making requests with axios.

    the problem I was facing was connecting to my prod server when running quasar serve, I encounter CORS not set on the server prevent any request. fixed by adding the CORS Headers to both my app and the server.
    Great I have a working app, so I quickly wrapped cordova and built an apk for android, connected the phone to usb for debugging and can view in chrome remote devices.

    running the application on Android I was faced with errors connecting again. It was those pesky CORS. I removed from live server and it works.

    Is there a best approach to switching between node server and cordova for my build?

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