Poll on IE11 for everyone!

  • I simply not support it. I still have one year of Dev before to launch the project and IE11 users still decreasing. It doesn’t make any sens to support it for the effort/number of users. Just a clear message that they should change with another one with multiple choices (chrome, brave, Firefox), should be the key. If they cannot, take action by telling customer/boss that we are fucking in 2020, ok? 😊

  • I don’t use it and the company I work for don’t want to support IE.

  • I want to click the no down with ie11 choice, but I’m still supporting it currently.

  • It’s absolutely required for our application - many enterprise users here in the US are on IE11.

  • Here is the link about Edge with Chromium and IE core which could be the way how to solve compatibility for big companies. I know its not always easy to talk about global changes with sys admins but the cost for supporting IE11 is also not small https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/edge-ie-mode

  • I am also one that falls into the regretfully, yes category. To those that haven’t seen this post from the Microsoft about how and when IE should be used. It could help persuade management to move away from IE and IE support for your users.


    Even though we support IE, when IE is used, a banner message is displayed to the users to notifying them that IE is not fully support and it is recommended to use a modern browser, with links to Edge (chromium), Chrome, and Firefox. The more we educate our users and corporate (government) management the faster IE will be a thing of the past.

  • Yes, please keep it. A lot of people with old PCs still use Windows 7 and IE 11. Ty

  • And want to say one thing.
    Everyone who don’t want to add that feature can skip while installation.
    Why it should be removed. There are many users who wanted to add that feature.
    Why the most people are wanting it to be down, IDK? But I know one thing.
    Does so many time spent on this feauture should go somewhere? If yes why?
    Think so many tries. So many hours and days. Oh no. Please leave it there.
    Most of the people want that feature to be in their project and IE!! support

  • I think, for example, for Quasar 2, we should drop IE11 and for people that want to keep old and legacy tech, they could stay with Quasar 1. Seems 100% logicial. Company / customers that want to keep with legacy tech have to keep with legacy code, that’s make 100% sense to me.

  • We chose Quasar for a new project at work because of its IE11 support out of the box. Sadly our customer generates quite a lot of revenue from IE11 users so we can’t just force them to either upgrade their browser or not being able to shop. Seeing IE11 support being dropped would be a huge dent in the otherwise shiny image Quasar has in my company right now.

  • @bamboechop exactly

  • Admin

    We’re not saying that we will remove IE11. We just want to see the community’s opinion on it. If the results would have been 99% “down with IE11” then it would have been a different story.

    It’s a shame IE11 is still being used, but it is what it is. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the upper management of companies using IE11 🙂

    For those thinking “Why us asking? Does it impact anything on the development of Quasar?”: yeah! we’re spending a lot of time on this so that you won’t have to. From your perspective it’s easy to say “leave it there”. From our perspective: besides the time allocated to it, we can’t fully modernize some components (we got some great ideas) simply because we’d have to ship two builds of Quasar – which in turn would make maintenance a hell+++ (and harder for community to contribute to Quasar), not to mention the hard explaining that is needed on how to use such a Quasar (not only with the recommended Quasar CLI, but with UMD, Vue CLI and custom webpack setup too). The build system could also benefit from an upgrade, but we just can’t do it now without creating two CLIs. We’re constantly researching ways to modernize everything but this job is 100x harder due to IE11.

    At the end it’s you the community who decides. And it seems IE11 is here to stay. But we will not ship the docs website with embedded IE11 support starting with Quasar v1.10.0. Again, this does not mean anything’s changing regarding Quasar’s support for IE11.

    PS: If your company has an extra buck, please do not forget to help us get stronger and show your appreciation: https://donate.quasar.dev We are in dear need of growing the funding to ship more stuff.

  • IMHO, it’s time to cut the dead branch and go forward at full speed. All benefits for both developers and users.
    There are plenty of alternatives to IE11 and I there are way more valid reasons to move away from than to stay with it
    We already switched all our customers from IE11 to modern browsers.

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