Poll on IE11 for everyone!

  • We are interested in how many of you are using the IE11 support.


  • I wouldn’t use it in most of my apps, but I’m using it in the app for my next course (Quasar PWA) just to demonstrate graceful degradation to older browsers for PWA’s.

  • Yeap, It shouldn’t be left here. So many hard works done on it. It should be developed.

  • really don’t want but my customer want it

  • I’ve never used it and don’t foresee ever needing to… Windows 7 support is already ended as of January 14, 2020. If you say you want it, please provide some sort of brief rationale or justification.

  • My big client works with old computers because they use old programs. Instead my application is modern but it needs to be used on these computers where only IE is available.

  • Usually, users in big companies have a hard time migrating to modern browsers… so yes, IE11 support should be keeped/developed.

  • @ttquoccuong exactly the same sadly. It’s a shame considering the new edge but welp…

  • Speaking a little about the corporate world of the Brazilian government, unfortunately the use of IE is still very strong, and often below IE11.

    There are even some public bodies that have some systems that only work in IE. (Unbelievable right?)

    In my previous job we were the Banco do Estado’s software factory, and it was mandatory that the systems run minimally in IE11, luckily Quasar took care of that responsibility.

  • @jhisworking said in Poll on IE11 for everyone!:

    Usually, users in big companies have a hard time migrating to modern browsers… so yes, IE11 support should be keeped/developed.

    this. So yes.

  • I’ve been using Quasar since 0.13 and one of the reasons why I choose it was support for IE11 which used to be a default Browsers.
    Users have a chance to us Chrome for the last two years but some users just don’t care which browser they use. They are interested only about the content. Our situation is easier thanks to Win10 on all machines - Edge and Chrome everywhere.

    I think that a big game changer is a new Edge with Chromium inside and with compatibility IE11 mode which can be switched on based on the URL. We are not in this stage yet but I think it could happen by the end of this year. So, I can imagine that we don’t have to support IE11 in newly developed applications.

    Answer to the question in the poll would be “down with IE11”, but keep support (security, UI fixes but not new features) for present Quasar 1.x branch at least 1/2 2021 to support current projects.

  • I definitely would not use it, I moved away from ie long ago. I simply refused to support ie for a very long time now.

  • @s-molinari I understand arguments where support for large company, governments, and perhaps most importantly schools may seem to require support for a browser technology this outdated, but I would regret if Quasar advocates and technologists devote energies to such a fruitless endeavor. We can’t move ahead efficiently dragging the weight of a decade old technology. It has perhaps been pointed out by some here, but most hardware that is capable of running IE 11 also possesses the capacity to run a much more modern Chrome browser. In my experience the unwillingness to allow alternate browsers is a result of an outdated / dictatorship mentality mandated by stubborn and paranoid governing bodies. I submit a possible workaround to developing new applications for such outdated and inflexible workplaces would be to simply build mobile apps that their employees / partners / customers may use from their personal devices.

  • I simply not support it. I still have one year of Dev before to launch the project and IE11 users still decreasing. It doesn’t make any sens to support it for the effort/number of users. Just a clear message that they should change with another one with multiple choices (chrome, brave, Firefox), should be the key. If they cannot, take action by telling customer/boss that we are fucking in 2020, ok? 😊

  • I don’t use it and the company I work for don’t want to support IE.

  • I want to click the no down with ie11 choice, but I’m still supporting it currently.

  • It’s absolutely required for our application - many enterprise users here in the US are on IE11.

  • Here is the link about Edge with Chromium and IE core which could be the way how to solve compatibility for big companies. I know its not always easy to talk about global changes with sys admins but the cost for supporting IE11 is also not small https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/edge-ie-mode

  • I am also one that falls into the regretfully, yes category. To those that haven’t seen this post from the Microsoft about how and when IE should be used. It could help persuade management to move away from IE and IE support for your users.


    Even though we support IE, when IE is used, a banner message is displayed to the users to notifying them that IE is not fully support and it is recommended to use a modern browser, with links to Edge (chromium), Chrome, and Firefox. The more we educate our users and corporate (government) management the faster IE will be a thing of the past.

  • Yes, please keep it. A lot of people with old PCs still use Windows 7 and IE 11. Ty

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