Exclude url from __precacheManifest in quasar PWA

  • This is my routes.js file content

        path: 'qa',
        component: () =>
        path: 'social',
        component: () =>

    Both URLs gets included in precachemanifest on PWA build, How can I exclude one URL from precachemanifest ? I want this behaviour because among 50 users only one user have permission to access a particular URL, so I want to load that resource on demand for that one user to reduce the PWA size and save bandwidth,

  • I have tried this, but no change in precache-manifest.js on build.

        path: 'subjectmodule',
        component: () =>
                        import(/* webpackPrefetch: false */ /* webpackPreload: false */ 'pages/QA.vue')

  • @s-molinari @rstoenescu Can you please give a hint about this.

  • Admin

    To exclude an entry from Workbox’s precache manifest: quasar.conf.js > pwa > workboxOptions > exclude (more info on workbox webpack plugin’s docs).
    Note that q/app v1.8 will have prefetch/preload disabled by default. But do not mistake prefetch and preload with the PWA precache manifest! Two different things.

  • Admin

    @jitendra16 quasar/app v1.8 released!

  • @rstoenescu i got error on build

    quasar build -m pwa
     Build mode........ pwa
     Pkg quasar........ v1.10.0
     Pkg @quasar/app... v1.8.0
     Debugging......... no
     Publishing........ no
     app:extension Running "@quasar/qcalendar" Quasar App Extension... +0ms
     app:quasar-conf Reading quasar.conf.js +11ms
     app:quasar-conf Extension(@quasar/qcalendar): Extending quasar.conf... +5ms
     App Extension (qcalendar) Info: 'Adding qcalendar boot reference to your quasar.conf.js'
     App Extension (qcalendar) Info: 'Adding calendar-daily.styl css reference to your quasar.conf.js'
     App Extension (qcalendar) Info: 'Adding calendar-weekly.styl css reference to your quasar.conf.js'
     app:workbox [InjectManifest] Using your custom service-worker written file +1s
     app:webpack Extending PWA Webpack config +41ms
     app:artifacts Cleaned build artifact: "/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/lumen/school_front/school_app/dist/pwa" +12ms
     app:generator Generating Webpack entry point +0ms
     app:build Building... +9ms
     • Compiling:
     └── PWA ████████████████████ 95% emitting manifest.json
    (node:5572) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning:   ValidationError: "runtimeCaching" is not a supported parameter.
      - errors.js:202 Object.exports.process
      - index.js:763 internals.Object._validateWithOptions
      - index.js:797 internals.Object.validate
      - validate.js:11 module.exports
      - get-manifest.js:49 
      - Generator.next
      - asyncToGenerator.js:3 asyncGeneratorStep
      - asyncToGenerator.js:25 _next
      - asyncToGenerator.js:32 
      - new Promise
      - asyncToGenerator.js:21 
      - get-manifest.js:66 _getManifest
      - get-manifest.js:41 getManifest
      - inject-manifest.js:107 
      - Generator.next
      - asyncToGenerator.js:3 asyncGeneratorStep

  • Admin

    @jitendra16 Fixed. Thanks for reporting! Please upgrade to latest “@quasar/app” v1.8.3.

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