What's the suggested Cordova App Wrapper workflow?

  • After I made any change to the Quasar source, currently I generate a new iOS build by:

    rm -rf cordova
    quasar build ios
    quasar wrap cordova
    cd cordova
    (edit config.xml)
    cordova platform add ios
    (open MyApp.xcworkspace and build in Xcode)

    The problem is I lost any changes in config.xml if there is any update to the Quasar source.

    Is there a better workflow to force a full iOS rebuild (without losing config.xml)?

  • Hi ohho,

    When I’m building for android or ios I only need to run quasar build each time.
    If you remove the cordova folder each time and run quasar wrap cordova that will generate new cordova files.

    The www folder in cordova is symlinked to the dist folder of your source so, just rebuild with quasar build ios and then change into cordova folder to cordova run or cordova build

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