[BEX] example of working Browser Extension

  • As a learning project I created a repo with BEX technology, as of now, it can interact with specific page, inserts some DOM and propagate events from host page to BEX, persists data between page changes, executes some privileged operations and some more stuff.

    This is a learning/testing project. I would GLADLY 🙂 donate this repository to Quasar devs as an example of BEX awesome technology. It is a starter of course, but it looks interesting. We as a developers alway like examples and code ready for copy/paste, so such projects will be useful.

    This is the repo:


    In readme.md there are some questions, I think the main problem is why this doesn’t work in Firefox and how can w debug/test this on Mozilla platform. Unfortunately Chrome is better in this, there are more meaningful error messages for example. It worked in Firefox at the beginning but after changes to manifest.json and maybe in some other places it stopped working.

    Firefox is important IMHO because it offers a sidebar technology for BEX. In Chrome there is no sidebar unfortunately.

    All questions and comments are welcome. PR or anything on Github even more. Happy coding!

  • Admin

    Thanks for this @qyloxe I’ll take a look.

    When I get a moment, I’ll look into the FF issues - everything should work equally on FF as it does Chrome.

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