TypeError: Cannot read property 'clipboard' of undefined

  • I am adding copy to clipboard functionality on my app (using Electron).

    I use this command:

    methods: {
       copyToClipboard () {
           if (process.env.MODE === 'electron') {

    But then I get an error message:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'clipboard' of undefined 

    I wonder why. On a separate vue file (main layout vue), I also call this.$q.electron functions (minimize, maximize, etc) and they work fine. The same functions when I try using this component also generates the same error.

    I initially used to do this but I need to change implementation since this doesn’t work when I build for web (I use web for Cypress testing):

    const { clipboard } = require('electron')

    Is this.$q.electron only allowed to be used on certain files/levels?

  • Nevermind. Fixed this by using the built-in Quasar functoin copyToClipboard() instead.

    import { copyToClipboard } from 'quasar'


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