[v0.14] RTL support

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    Hi All,

    Experimental RTL support is now available, but in the very very early development stages, not fit for production yet. If you wanna give a helping hand (as I do not have much time to spend on finalizing this), please contact me.



  • Hi,

    I’ve been using postcss-rtl and it is working fine for me, except a few glitches here and there (which usually I override them at app-level styling). and implementation is fairly easy, I only add the postcss-rtl to css-utils.js and if my layout needs to be in RTL format, I add the dir="rtl" attribute on <html> tag (which postcss-rtl operates on). What do you think about that approach, instead of customizing it by hand for each of them? please share your opinion @rstoenescu

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    @easteregg Quasar is using rtlcss package to automatically generate its RTL css. But it seems it makes some conversions here and there where it shouldn’t, slightly breaking CSS. It’s still usable, but not perfect as I want it.

    Fortunately, rtlcss has some powerful directives that need to be added here and there in Quasar’s main CSS. The directives list has rename, replace, remove etc operations. I am interested in someone giving a helping hand and placing the needed directives so that the RTL process remains fully automatic.

  • I am available for the next weeks to help you with this, but you have to point me in the right direction. like a todo list or something would be awesome to pick up tasks from.

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