Tapping QBtn on mobile does not trigger @click event but gets QInputs/QSelects focused or nothing at all.

  • I have multiple forms with QInputs and QBtn elements which either submit a form or do something else. I can emit the @click event with QBtn only on the second tap. The first tap sets the focus on a QInput, a QSelect or does nothing at all.

    I’ve been unable to sort it out so far and my only guess that something goes amiss with element positioning and coordinates when the keyboard panel at the bottom of the screen appears/disappears. So by tapping the button I actually tap on another element. I couldn’t track the precise pattern but the issue seems to persist if after page load and before I tap on QBtn I touch at least one input field thus making the the keyboard panel appear.

    Tested on Android devices by accessing my site hosted on my laptop’s localhost.

    Any ideas much appreciated, thank you!

  • @mas you should provide a reproduction codepen.

  • @metalsadman,


    Type in an input field and hit SAVE_CHANGES at the bottom. A green Success banner appears if a click occurs. On mobile, Androids.

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