Q-uploader in a q-step, it lost the files list when go back to the upload step

  • Hi everyone

    This is my simple code:
    <q-stepper …
    …<q-step …
    …<q-step …
    … …<q-uploader …
    …<q-step …

    When I go back to the uploader step the list is empty. The list is empty in 2 cases: with the files send to the server or with the files pending to send

    Thanks for your time!

  • Hello @ernestocuzcueta ,
    Did you try the keep-alive prop on q-stepper ?

  • Hello @tof06

    THANKS!!! Thats works I added that properties in the stepper , I went go to the next and go back and I see the images attached.
    I researched all in the q-uploader but I didn’t think in read the documentation of the q-stepper container

    Thanks for your help

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