TypeError: Cannot read property 'mat' of undefined

  • Hi! im very new to qusar, im trying to use a zip file i downloaded from a udemy course. I unzipped the file to a folder named original in the directory C:\Users\henri. first thing i do is the command: cd original, npm install and then qusar dev. i get this message:

    app:quasar-conf Reading quasar.conf.js +0ms
    [ TypeError: Cannot read property ‘mat’ of undefined

    • quasar.conf.js:12 QuasarConfig.module.exports [as quasarConfigFunction]

    • quasar-config.js:218 QuasarConfig.prepare

    • quasar-dev:217 goLive

    • task_queues.js:97 processTicksAndRejections

    app:dev ⚠️ [FAIL] quasar.conf.js has JS errors +13ms

    does anyone know why ?

  • Btw when i run npm audit fix, it dosent solve the problem.

    fixed 882 of 891 vulnerabilities in 15548 scanned packages
    9 vulnerabilities required manual review and could not be updated

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