Timeline event click

  • Hi

    I have a qtimeline with entries. I want to either

    1. Add 2 clickable icons to each entry with their own actions (edit/delete the entry)
    2. Make the entry clickable.

    Is either of the above possible? how can I get the entry itself as a parameter to the method?

  • QTimelineEntry has a “default” slot. You can put anything you want in it, which is shown in the body of the entry.


  • Thank you Scott, maybe I didn’t understand what you mean by default slot, this is how I do it now

    <q-timeline-entry v-for="item in this.itemsInfo" v-bind:key="item.id" :title="item.itemCode" :subtitle="item.whenStr" :icon="item.icon" :body="item.activity"/>

    Where can I add such slot that when clicked I can have the entry information?

  • The default slot is what you put between the component’s own tags.

    <q-timeline-entry v-for="item in this.itemsInfo" v-bind:key="item.id" :title="item.itemCode" :subtitle="item.whenStr" :icon="item.icon">
        {{ item.activity }} <!-- and anything else you want to add here -->


  • Thank you thank you thank you!

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