@quasar/app v1.6.1 released!

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    • feat(app): vendor.remove/add -> first remove, then add, so it is possible to add only parts of a package to the vendor chunk
    • feat(app): out of the box support for .mjs files #6689
    • feat(app): “describe” command -> support for quasar.conf > framework > config on components & directives too
    • fix(app): Do not force dev server to run on host 0.0.0 #6366
    • refactor(TS): revert comments removal into tsconfig preset #6513
    • Upgraded deps: @types/express@4.17.4, @types/webpack@4.41.10, @types/webpack-dev-server@3.10.1, autoprefixer@9.7.5, chalk@4.0.0, fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin@4.1.2, fs-extra@9.0.0, inquirer@7.1.0, isbinaryfile@4.0.5, open@7.0.3, postcss-rtl@1.7.3, register-service-worker@1.7.1, ts-loader@6.2.2, typescript@3.8.3, vue-loader@15.9.1, vuex@3.1.3, webpack@4.42.1, webpack-bundle-analyzer@3.6.1, yargs@15.3.1, minimist@1.2.5

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