Disable code splitting/chunking

  • Is there a way to disable code chunking when building quasar app?
    I see that in webpack.base.conf.js the generation of the chunk name is set “chunkFilename: ‘js/[id].[chunkhash].js’”, but even if I remove it the chunks are ganrated, only with different name.

  • Admin

    @vstruhar in router.js just directly import your app’s page/layout components and don’t call load(). Here’s what I mean:

    // /src/router.js
    import MyPage from '.....path-to-my-page.vue....'
    // .......
    export default new VueRouter({
       // ...,
      routes: [
        { path: '/', component: MyPage }, // instead of component: load()
        // ...
    // ....

    What load() does it is makes a chunk for that respective component. Not calling it avoids making a new chunk.

  • It worked! Thank you very much for your quick response 🙂

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