QSelect: Use the selected value for re-filtering

  • Hi, I don’t understand the default implementation of the QSelect with a filter (just single select).

    The component works fine for the initial selection, but if the user wants to change what he has selected, the previous selected value stays in the filter-input.
    This is very complicating for the users, when they want to change this text (and re-filter) to select a different item.

    I think this only useful in ‘multiple’ mode, not on a single select filtered QSelect.

    Is there a way for me to work around this?
    Or maybe something can be changed in this component to at least configure it to use the previous selected value as filter?

    The example on the Quasar page shows what I mean:

    • Select the component (Simple filter)
    • Type something (i.e. ‘Ap’)
    • Select Apple
    • Select the component again
    • Try to change Apple using the keyboard

  • My bad (RTFM)… Adding ‘fill-input hide-selected’ gives me the desired functionality!

    <q-select v-model="userInput" :label="label" use-input @filter="filter" @input="input" :options="options" fill-input hide-selected />

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