Enter-Event in q-search component not triggered

  • I am using a q-search along with an q-autocomplete component like this:

    <q-autocomplete ref="autoComplete" v-model="searchModel" :delay="0" @search="searchAndSuggest" :max-results="3" :min-characters="1" @selected="selected">
      <q-search v-model="searchModel" placeholder="Zutaten" @enter="test()"></q-search>

    methods: {
    test () {
    console.log(‘enter pressed’)

    But unfortunalety the @enter event is not gonna be triggered.
    From the docs:
    @enter Triggered when Enter key is detected.

    How can I get that enter key pressed event?


  • Admin

    Hi, @enter="test" (notice no ending () ) --> otherwise you execute test() and the result (in this case undefined) is assigned as @enter handler.

  • Unfortunately this does not work either.
    In a simplified scenario with just a <q-search>-component I also can not trigger method call:

      <q-search v-model="searchModel" placeholder="Enter search text..." @input="search" @enter="search"></q-search>

    with method:

    search () {
    console.log(‘search triggered’)

  • Admin

    I just tested it and it works. What Quasar version (full string) are you using?

  • It´s “quasar-framework”: “^0.13.4”. Maybe I should update this…

  • Hi, Quasar framework 0.14.3, the enter event for the return key is not fired.

  • Admin

    This is an old thread. Quasar v0.14 has @keydown and @keyup events emitted, so no longer needing a @enter event.
    Always check documentation. Point @keydown to a function with one parameter (which will be the event itself), so check if it’s Enter key there.

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