noRouteDismiss don't work when using QDialog as a plugin

  • I stumble upon an issue when trying to have semi-persistent dialog. I want them to persist on user actions but not on route change.

    There is a no-route-dismiss props for that. It works when it’s a “plain” component like q-dialog(v-model="alert" no-backdrop-dismiss no-esc-dismiss)... or explicitly like q-dialog(v-model="alert" no-backdrop-dismiss no-esc-dismiss :no-route-dismiss="false")... but not when used as a plugin like that:

            noBackdropDismiss: true,
            noEscDismiss: true,
            noRouteDismiss: false,
            title: 'test-route-change-dismiss',
            message: 'test-route-change-dismiss'

    Is it a bug or something I’m doing wrong ?

    Here a codepen to illustrate the issue

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