WordPress + Quasar Theme

  • Hi all,

    Here’s a skeleton code for building WP themes using Quasar & WP REST API…

    Notable Features:

    • display wp menu nav
    • dynamic title
    • transform local links to router-links.
      Can be extended to transform shortcodes to components (not implemented)

    Here are the commits… or you could also download the project (available for 30 days only) and put inside your wp-content directory e.g. wp-content/themes/wp-quasar/index.php.

    Warning: I’m no expert… this project is intended for testing and development purposes only. Feedbacks & suggestions are very much welcome… Hope this helps.


  • Hi, this is interesting!
    Could you share on github?

  • Could you reshare please? This looks really cool. Thanks!

  • If anyone has examples of this please share, thanks!

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