Can you style normal elements with Quasar?

  • Hello,

    I’ve select component - I generate options with v-for, like this:

    <select v-model="selected">
      <option v-for="person in computed(1, 3)">
        {{ }}

    It produces output I want, so v-model variable is populated with name. I want to style it like the rest of apps look like. Can I do this? I’m not using <quasar-select> because I don’t know how to regenerate list based on Vuex’s store. 😃

    Any help is appreciated!

  • Admin

    Select documentation:
    You need a model and options. Options object looks like this (just an example):

    selectOptions: [
        label: 'Google',
        value: 'goog'
        label: 'Facebook',
        value: 'fb'

    Use Vue computed properties if needed 😉

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