Quasar v1.9.11 released! Enjoy!

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    • feat(QSkeleton): only use cursor wait when there is animation #6628 (#6631)
    • feat(QPagination): New prop -> “ripple” #5103
    • feat(QBanner): align avatar to top (#6625)
    • perf(QAjaxBar): small tweaks


    • fix(QSelect): Pass maxlength attr (parsed as prop by QField) to input field #6619 (#6633)
    • fix(Screen): screen-xs body class is left out on initialization #6641
    • fix(QUploader): TypeError: Cannot read property ‘filter’ of undefined on QUploader #6647
    • fix(date utils): Correctly extract dates with timezoneOffset different than the current one; keep original timezone in QDate and QTime #6615 (#6635)
    • fix(QDate): Do not set day to 0 in __updateValue when source model day is null #6610 (#6634)
    • refactor(key-composition): re-use parts of the algorithms

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