Quasarians in Action #23. With Staff Pick of the Week!

  • We would like to thank all of you, our awesome Quasar community. And in a spirit of give and share we’d like to present our cherry-picked community contributions with you. One of the contributions is picked by the team as our “Pick of the Week” to honor who we felt made the best contribution (outside of the core team).

    Tutorials and Articles

    Terrence Porretto published a short article on how to create the Dashboard System with Quasar & Firebase utilizing chart.js. Article is accompanied with a github repo.

    Reported and Fixed Issues

    JD reported the issue QUploader - Uploading same file twice which was fixed by a fix(QUploader): Uploading same file twice (#6537)

    Submitted PRs

    Firebase Sample Apps

    rashidpathiyil submitted a PR Some minor spelling correction


    Ejez submitted a PR docs: Document hooks

    The list does not include PRs from the Quasar Core team.

    Repository Activity


    • Contributors - 2 (commits by Quasar community)
    • rstoenescu - 7
    • pdanpdan - 5
    • hawkeye64 - 1

    Quasar Awesome

    • Contributors - 1 (commits by Quasar community)

    Firebase Sample Apps

    • Contributors - 11 (commits by Quasar community)
    • rstoenescu - 1


    • hawkeye64 - 2


    • hawkeye64 - 3


    • Contributors - 1 (commits by Quasar community)
    • smolinari - 1


    • hawkeye64 - 1

    Quasar Awesome Example Applications

    Staff Pick Pratik Patel created free admin template github | demo


    Lock Screen


    eMirror is a web application designed to assist researchers in obtaining quantitative time use and sequence data from video episodes. Researchers can design custom observation templates, thereby designating the behavior to be observed, quantified and timed. Research on the use of eMirror also indicates that preservice teachers, specifically music education students, can significantly modify their own instructional behaviors through the use of targeted self-observation.

    eMirror has been in use on MacOS since 2005. Version 2.0 for the web is in beta stage and testing will continue during the 2019-20 academic year.

    Version 2.0 has been rebuilt from scratch using javascript, Vue.js, and the Quasar web development framework. It runs on any web-based device, and is securely hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

    martijnmichel shared Sonid. Which help you to learn music theory in a fun manner web, iOS, Android

    Quasar Releases

    As always you can find all latest releases and release notes in the documentation.

    Quasar Official App Extension Releases

    QMediaPlayer - v1.0.20

    Thank you for your valuable time in making Quasar a better framework! We’ll be continuing this posting of favorites in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 🙂

    Call to action
    Please share important or interesting contributions, Quasar community news, tutorials, videos or great goding tips and tricks. Those which you would like to see in the next Quasarians in Actions. Please use Quasar chat preferable in channels #i-made-this, #offtopic or #other AND tag @Stanislav (EN/CZ-eu).

    If you like this aggregation of best contributions and would even like a more direct reception of this information, or you have any other ideas for honoring contributions to Quasar, please let us know in the Discord.

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