Rename src/ and src-electron/

  • Hi!

    I am hoping to change the root directory structure for an electron app:
    I’d like src/ to become src-ui/ and I’d like src-electron/ to become src-server/.

    I have updated quasar.conf.js to this:
    sourceFiles: {
    rootComponent: ‘src-ui/App.vue’,
    router: ‘src-ui/router’,
    store: ‘src-ui/store’,
    indexHtmlTemplate: ‘src-ui/index.template.html’,
    electronMainDev: ‘src-server/main-process/’,
    electronMainProd: ‘src-server/main-process/electron-main.js’

    I had to change several import(‘pages/…’) to import (’…/page/…’) in router.js

    But now every time the app starts up it says: ‘app:mode Quasar ELECTRON is missing. Installing it’ and regenerates skeleton of src-electron. Some code probably triggers on existence of ‘src-electron’ somewhere.

    So there probably has to be some global configuration somewhere to simply rename these things, but I can’t find it anywhere in documentation.

    So: what is the easy way to change ‘src’ and ‘src-electron’ to different directory names?

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