Disable updatePosition method from Q-Menu

  • Hi. I am going to create q-menu item with absolute position. By default it has ‘fixed’ position. The problem started to appear when I changed it to ‘absolute’.
    After changing element’s position, when I scroll page down, the q-menu element is changing it’s position because of updatePositon() method.
    You can watch it here:

    However, if I remove scroll event listener from Chrome Devtools everything is working as I expected.


    Is it possible to remove or disable updatePosition method on scroll event?

  • It sounds like either the component isn’t fitting your needs as is, or you are doing something unnecessarily complex with the component, which might be done with a simpler solution. From the looks of the video, you are just using QMenu as a navbar menu item. Corrrect? What is it not doing, which you’d like it to do?


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