Content is not scrolled within tab

  • Hello!

    I have a problem with scrolling the content inside the tabs pages.
    I used the template from docs (below), everything works, but if the content exceeds the page, it may not be scrolled, it is static, and lower part of content may not be reached.

    <q-tabs :refs="$refs" default-tab=“tab-4”>
    <q-tab name=“tab-1” icon=“tab-1-icon”>Tab 1</q-tab>
    <q-tab name=“tab-2” icon=“tab-2-icon”>Tab 2</q-tab>

    <!-- Targets -->
    <div ref=“tab-1”>Tab1 content</div>
    <div ref=“tab-2”>Tab2 content</div>

  • Hi,
    Don’t know if it is related but can be - I have the same issue with content inside the layout.
    Not scrooling at all - overgrowing the parent div and don’t move at all.

  • Admin

    @Humboldt155 Please upgrade to v0.14.
    v0.13 won’t receive updates and unless they are critical.

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