Quasar v1.9.9 released! Enjoy!

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    • feat(utils/date): add arg opts.onlyDate in isBetweenDates (#6550)
    • feat(QSelect): Add new event @input-value to allow using as text filling input #6487 (#6559)
    • feat(QForm): Emit the first component that triggered the validation error as payload for the validation-error event #6575 (#6581)
    • feat(ui): Add MDI v5 Quasar Icon Sets (webfont and svg) #6588


    • fix(QSelect): Focus on showPopup when in dialog model to allow input focus on iOS #6491 (#6558)
    • fix(QSelect): Do not allow removal of chips when QSelect is readonly or disabled #6555 (#6557)
    • fix(QColor): Strip spaces before checking the color as text against the pattern when parsing value (#6563)
    • fix(QTabs): Round the offset used for scroll animating selected tab into view (#6583)
    • feat(QSelect): Revert inputValue to user typed one when kbd navigating to index -1 to make it work like google autocomplete (#6592)
    • fix(QUploader): Uploading same file twice (#6537) (#6556)

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