<q-img> does not resize svg well

  • Hello quasar people!
    I bring you a bug that I found in q-img.

    If I write this code with a jpg, everything is correct:

    <q-img src=“statics/images/1.jpg” class=“max-width:800px”></q-img>


    Now, if I use a svg, the error occurs:

    <q-img src=“statics/images/1.svg” class=“max-width:800px”></q-img>


    As you can see in this example, q-img does not resize svg well if max-width is less than 800px.
    I discard that it is an error in the svg, since it works perfectly in the other browsers (even in internet explorer 11!)
    It only happens on desktop with windows and edge (which is not a little, since they know it is the default browser in windows 10).

    If I use:
    <img src=“statics/images/1.svg” class=“max-width:800px”><img>
    everything works perfectly

    I always try quasar on all mobile devices (apple, android), on linux and windows, and with practically all browsers. This error was not presented in any except in Edge for Windows 10.
    I hope you can solve it.
    Thank you and keep up this excellent framework.

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