Integrate a Flask backend with a Quasar app

  • Hi!

    I am developing a scientific application using Quasar as the frontend and Python+Flask as the backend, running locally on the same machine. Python was chosen because of the SciPy ecosystem.

    Everything runs smoothly on Linux or Windows: the frontend passes data to the backend, numbers are crunched, results fly back and we have nice tables and plots.

    I can do the same on Android with Cordova. The point in question is that I have to install Termux and manually run the Flask server. Cumbersome, from the point of view of an user.

    I am at a loss here, as how to integrate Quasar and Python+Flask backend in a single APK (if that’s possible at all) and run the Python code as soon as the application starts.

    Any hints or tips will be very helpful!

    Thanks a lot!

  • No clue how to run python+apk BUT maybe consider change from Flask to FastAPI:

  • @qyloxe thank you very much for the tip! I’m gonna check it.

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