cordova-local-notification "Mark as read" function

  • Good day. I’m currently using a “Mark as read” function in my Android pet project using cordova-local-notification. My problem is when the app is closed (not in background) and you click on the “Mark as read” on the notif, the callback is not working, which is already an expected behavior since the app is not on the background. Is there any way I can do this with the app closed, like a plugin as a bridge between the notif and the database? I want to update a status in SQLite database to mark that notif as ‘read’ when the user click the ‘Mark as read’ button on the notif. Thanks!

    Edit: I also tried a plugin for keeping the app on the background when you clicked the back button of Android for exit but the app can still be closed when you swipe-close the app when viewing currently opened windows.

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