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  • Hi everyone!

    I’m using the QEditor with Quasar 1.9.4 and today, after testing on Quasar Doc too, I noticed font size match errors:

    • By default it’s A bit small (in the selector) that seems to be set to the text we write. But after clicking on A bit small, font size decreases even more.
    • In addition if you select Normal size, it will give you a bigger size than default one.
    • Same problem when you Remove the format of the text.

    To sum up, I think there are issues with the font by default in the QEditor and the tags <font size="*"></font> added in the QEditor after selecting a specific size.

    Thanks a lot for the awesome work and I hope it will help!

  • @Sweetyy - I see what you mean and thanks for asking here first. I can reproduce the issue. Can you please create an issue on GH for this? Please also refer to this thread.



  • @s-molinari do i have to add a label on it too ? It’s the only issue who hasn’t one.
    If yes how can I do that please ?

  • No. Just the issue and possibly “Bug” as the label. But, you don’t really need to worry about the labels.


  • Fine thank you ! 🙂

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