IE11 supportIE: true not working

  • Hi there,
    I deployed a quasar app with the supportIE: true flag in, but it doesn’t run on IE11. is the app.

    Here is the error: SCRIPT1002: Syntax Error
    alt text

    Looking at the source on IE11, it doesn’t appear polyfills are employed… ?

    Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

  • In quasar dev? Did you mean quasar.conf.js? Can you post your quasar.conf.js file here or in a gist?


  • Hi there, thanks for your reply.
    You are right, I meant quasar.conf.js
    Here is the GIST:

    The IE11 just shows a blank page.
    Thanks! looking forward to your thoughts.

  • So, I’ve tested a new app and it works in IE11. Try removing the boot files you have and see it they are causing the problem.

    Also, out of curiosity, what is the router boot file for?


  • Hi s.molinari,
    thanks for your reply. router boot file is my check if user is authenticated.
    So in router mappings I would have:
    { name: ‘groupAdmin’, path: ‘/admin/groupadmin’, component: () => import(‘pages/admin/GroupAdmin.vue’), meta: { private: true, admin: true } }

    Here is the gist:

    It’s not very important since the more important check happens on server-side using the JWT token.
    Let me know if you do this differently…

  • This post is deleted!

  • I removed the gauth boot file (the issue was with vue-google-oauth2) and it works!! thanks!

    it required some fiddling to get it to look right on IE, for example col doesn’t work well.

    This is the contents of my gauth.js boot file:

    import GAuth from ‘vue-google-oauth2’
    import Vue from ‘vue’
    import config from ‘@/config/config.js’

    const { gauthOption } = config.auth
    // gauthOption.access_type = ‘offline’
    gauthOption.scope = ‘profile email’
    gauthOption.prompt = ‘select_account’
    Vue.use(GAuth, gauthOption)

    do you know how I can add it to the babel-polyfills that quasar uses? Or do I manually have to import polyfills and get it done?


  • @metalsadman - Do you know by chance about adding additional polyfills?


  • @s-molinari nope sorry :x.

  • So setting the supportIE: true flag just ensures that core quasar components work in ie11. And using 3 party code can break the ie11 compatibility. That would be a good thing to add to the ie11 support page.

  • It’s easy to do a PR! Use the pencil top right of the page. 😉


  • Doesn’t quasar compile all javascript into chunks, minify it, etc… I would imagine it runs polyfills on it. I am having trouble understanding how that particular import gets excluded. Am I missing something? If so, there must be a way of including it in the polyfills.


  • @s-molinari
    I think it would be better if someone that actually understands this issue will explain and confirm what is actually going on here. I just observe that setting the supportIE: true will not always result in an ie11 compatible appiclations.

  • I just observe that setting the supportIE: true will not always result in an ie11 compatible appiclations.

    But, it does, at least for pure Quasar applications. @apavel figured out it was one of his boot files/ supporting packages that was breaking the app in IE11. Nonetheless, if you can better explain your situation, where you aren’t getting an app working on IE11, we can also make suggestions on how to possibly fix.

    Also, this issue has moved from what it was with IE11 and the quasar.conf.js setting to how to install another polyfill. So. I’ve asked Razvan to pop in when he has time to offer how to possibly plug in other polyfills.


  • @s-molinari Thanks for your help. I think I may have to rewrite the module that doesn’t work on IE11. It may be they are using a non-standard polyfill.

  • Yeah, and you might in general want to look hard at the need to use IE11. Because, this year, with Vue 3 moving to Proxy objects, support for IE11 will end and thus, inadvertently with Quasar v2 too. Of course, the plan will be to support v1 of Quasar for a while. How long still needs to be decided. But for sure, the future isn’t looking good for IE11 users in the next couple of years. 😔


  • Just some feedback. You can add polyfills in a boot file. Make sure they are loaded first (first boot file in quasar.conf.js).


  • I’m having a similar issue. Did you just remove the boot files altogether?

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