UMD/Standalone doesn't works with IE11 even using basic layout

  • UMD/Standalone doesn’t works with IE11 even using basic layout

    I’m trying to use basic layout with UMD, but it works fine just for modern browsers, IE11 doesn’t works. I’m using the polyfill to IE. The layout breaks on IE11, the menu doesn’t work. Some basic components like button are not displayed.

    There is an example at:

    To Reproduce
    Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Save the code: in a file like teste.html and try to open in a modern browser, and you will see that works fine.
    2. Try the same with IE11, and it will not work

    OS: Windows 10 Version: 1903
    Browsers: IE 11.657.18362.0, Chrome 80.0.3987.106, Firefox 73.0.1

    Is it a bug?

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