Virtualization for QTree

  • Hello,
    I have the hierarchical list (parent->children; 1 level only, no multi-levels) which may contain thousands of items; and I’m using QTree to display it in expanded mode (UI requirement).

    The problem: if the total number of items (both parent and children) is close to 5K - the UI rendering for QTree becomes very slow.

    So the question: is there any way how to provide the virtualization for QTree?

    Quasar Framework provides QVirtualScroll component which is exactly what I need.
    But QVirtualScroll supports list and table only.
    I tried to integrate QVirtualScroll with QTree by few ways but no luck, or I making this incorrectly.

    Any ideas how I could make the virtualization for QTree?
    Or may be some real examples how to use QVirtualScroll with QTree - if it shall work?


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