Quasar v1.9.3 released!

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    • feat(QIntersection): allow HTML tag to be used for wrapper element
    • feat(Dialog-plugin): add style properties in prompt
    • feat(QScrollArea): emit @scroll event
    • feat(QSelect): Autoselect value if found on autocomplete #6342
    • feat(backButton): Enable backButton behavior for Dialogs on Capacitor apps too #6134


    • fix(Notify): action handlers in Notify are again triggered before onDismiss (fix #6380)
    • fix(colors/textToRgb): text is wrongly parsed #6388
    • fix(QColor): cannot enter a value in input box #6390
    • fix(QColor): corner-case scenario when accessing a ref which has just been destroyed
    • fix(QUploader): correct call on abort() on xhr Object #6387
    • feat(QSelect): Fill input after addNew, select input text on focus and after select when multiple, addNew on tab is single, prevent reopening menu on ESC #6395 (#6397)
    • fix(QToggle): Use z-index on .q-toggle__thumb to prevent the whole block going hight in the z stack #6398
    • fix(copyToClipboard): enhance compatibility with some versions of iOS #6378
    • fix(QMenu): Fix updatePosition() logic when target is disabled #6406

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