Quasar v1.9.2 released!

  • Admin

    For TS devs: please also update quasar/app. Enjoy!



    • feat(QSelect, QBtnDropdown): Pass menu anchor props (anchor, self, offset), allow select options to shrink width #5895


    • fix(typescript): move Quasar CLI related typings to @quasar/app, fix: #6360
    • fix(PositionEngine): Improve positioning when fit, cover or minWidth is used. Reposition on show to catch changes in layout between show request and real show #6328
    • fix(QTable): Fix height on old Chrome #6370
    • fix(ie): Use opacity for QRadio as transition is not supported (#6364)
    • fix(validation): Use null for isDirty on reset to allow starting lazy validation only after focus #6353

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