Quasarians in Action #18. With Staff Pick of the Week!

  • We would like to thank all of you, our awesome Quasar community. And in a spirit of give and share we’d like to present our cherry-picked community contributions with you. One of the contributions is picked by the team as our “Pick of the Week” to honor who we felt made the best contribution (outside of the core team).

    Meet Kerry from the core team and Quasar community members on VueConf Austin, USA • March 2-4, 2020. Ticket sale ends on February 16.

    Are you curious about how popular the quasar.dev website is?

    Numbers are without users who’re still on v0.17. There’s another 20k clicks right there.

    Tutorials and Articles

    nothingismagick from Tauri wrote on how to Use Sass Variables in Javascript.

    Construindo uma aplicação multiplataforma com Quasar Framework (Portuguese) by Patrick Monteiro is older but stil valid and good explanation of what Quasar is, and a brief demonstration of how to use it. It is an invitation from an education platform with free courses.

    Ejez prepared a project demo how to add markdown support to your Quasar projects.

    Reported and Fixed Issues


    Ilia Pikulev reported the issue q-time doesn’t behave well when combined with date model which was fixed by a feat(QTime): Add defaultDate prop (defaults to current day) to fill the date part if not present #6279
    Luca Ban reported the issue Typescript: wrong return type getDateDiff which was fixed by a revert: “feat(typescript): enhance types”
    Alexei Strasser reported the issue Scrolling in q-table with virtual-scroll is buggy when expansion row is added which was fixed by a feat(VirtualScroll): Add utility classes .q-virtual-scroll–skip and .q-virtual-scroll–with-prev #6224

    Quasar Starter Kit

    Yusuf Kandemir submitted 3 PRs:

    Submitted PRs


    Ejez submitted a PR fix(docs): Fix issue of anchors getting hidden
    Paolo Caleffi submitted a PR revert: “feat(typescript): enhance types”, fix #6246
    gregveres submitted a PR instructions for configurating VSCode debugger
    Ramsés Moreno submitted a PR feat(docs): Update capacitor-api.md so the Camera example also work in web

    Quasar Codesandbox

    garethx submitted a PR Update name used in codesandbox template

    The list does not include PRs from the Quasar Core team.

    Repository Activity


    • Contributors - 1 (commits authored by Quasar community members)
    • rstoenescu - 25
    • pdanpdan - 4

    Firebase Sample Apps

    • Contributors - 4 (commits authored by Quasar community members)

    Quasar Starter Kit

    • Contributors - 4 (commits authored by Quasar community members)
    • rstoenescu - 8

    Quasar Codesandbox

    • Contributors - 2 (commits authored by Quasar community members)
    • rstoenescu - 15
    • smolinari - 6

    hawkeye64 commited into the following repositories:

    • QScroller - 15
    • QCalendar - 6
    • QIconPicker - 3
    • QMarkdown - 11
    • QMediaPlayer - 2
    • QOverlay - 9
    • QFlashcard - 9

    Quasar Awesome Example Applications

    mYnDstrEAm created a project Switch2Linux. A single-page application that explains why and how to switch to GNU/Linux. It’s built with the Quasar Framework and can be converted to an Android app, an iOS app and an Electron desktop application.
    github | web

    Staff Pick of the Week Pratik Patel release an initial version of QGrid as a Quasar App Extension. It allows you to filter data for each column, Drag and Drop Rows and also allows you to filter data using header filters | github | demo

    SVG Icon Manager - Icon manager that saves time and increases productivity.
    Organize, resize, recolor, and export your icons in SVG, PNG, and Vue.js in just a few seconds using Norde Source!

    Jesse Sudich just finished the complete rebuild (from AngularJS) of his immensely powerful personal payroll system Outflank Pay Tracker. Outflank allows Australian employees to easily access the pay rates and entitlements for their specific company or industry and then track their own hours worked in order to calculate exactly how much to expect in their pay. This is highly important because traditionally, payroll systems are comprised of one person responsible for tracking all employees, with no safeguards in place to prevent underpayments. When the employees are also tracking themselves, the chance of losing out on pay for hours worked decreases to zero.

    It’s been wonderful watching it come together as a Quasar application from a tired old AngularJS one and I can’t thank Razvan, the Quasar team and the Quasar community enough for this amazing framework and the help I’ve received along the way.

    Jessie’s request to the community: If anybody would like to point out anything that can be improved from a Quasar perspective, (particularly if you want to run a Lighthouse audit to help me squeeze out a few more points), I would be most appreciative.

    Now it’s time to get this bad boy out into the wilderness! Thank you QUASAR!

    Quasar Releases

    As always you can find all latest releases and release notes in the documentation.

    Quasar Official App Extension Releases

    QMarkdown - v1.0.22
    QOverlay - v1.0.2
    QFlashCard - v1.0.1
    QScroller - v1.0.7, v1.0.6
    QCalendar - v1.3.16

    Thank you for your valuable time in making Quasar a better framework! We’ll be continuing this posting of favorites in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 🙂

    Call to action
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    If you like this aggregation of best contributions and would even like a more direct reception of this information, or you have any other ideas for honoring contributions to Quasar, please let us know in the Discord.

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