Strange scrollbar in table header

  • I have a table like below
    And when I make a request and the table has no rows, the header has a scrollbar like below
    if I resize the browser or change the zoom scale of the browser, the scroll bar may go away.
    Plus, can I change the component height size in an easy way?

  • Did you try “dense” property on elements on q-input, q-table…?

  • @Taras I tried dense property, but the input box is still too high for a desktop app. Without dense property, the input box is even higher. And with dense property, the table seems too crowded for a desktop app. I wonder if there is a way to adjust the height globally, like what $primary css variable does to the primary color in an app.

  • @Taras I used ugly css hack to workaround it. But it doesnt like a proper way.

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