Can Quasar support webassembly or C plugins?

  • I would really like to use a Quasar front end with a C(actually Rust… but more people know C) backend. Gives me the performance and security I need for my cryptocurrency application.

    Rust can also compile to WASM, so maybe that’s an option.

  • Quasar is mainly a front-end (as in shown in a browser) framework. It is backend agnostic, aside from it needing Node for the development environment or Node for SSR, You can build your backend with whatever you like. You just need to have a web API (like REST or GraphQL) to connect Quasar to it.


  • Yeah, we decided to go with a Quasar frontend, with a Electron backend for desktop and Cordova for mobile. Both can bridge Quasar and a Rust library.

    That being said, what I would really, really, love to see is Tauri come to fruitition:

    A rebuilt backend in Rust. Quasar + Rust: Talk about performance and security, cross platform on both desktop and mobile, while being easy to build all in one… and the low memory and app footprint is nice too. Quasar plus Tauri just might end up being the best choice out there. Seriously, amazing there is no such platform out there yet. Can’t wait for it.

  • I have the same needs(Quasar frontend, but With C++)

  • Have you tried using cheerp?

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