Quasarians in Action #17. With Staff Pick of the Week!

  • We would like to thank all of you, our awesome Quasar community. And in a spirit of give and share we’d like to present our cherry-picked community contributions with you. One of the contributions is picked by the team as our “Pick of the Week” to honor who we felt made the best contribution (outside of the core team).

    Meet guru the newest Quasar staff member, a discord bot, created to help you search quasar.dev while on the Quasar Discord server.

    Read the slides from a meetup UI Frameworks in Vue.js - Component or Utility-first? held in Allenby St 113 · Tel Aviv-Yafo where the talk Quasar - As cross platform as possible was given by Elad Cohen from GoCode.

    Tips of the Week

    Route path with dots inside like /user/quasar.is.great are failing during the development inside the devServer.
    So extend your devServer Object inside quasar.conf with

    historyApiFallback: {
            disableDotRule: true

    and all is fine 👍

    Tutorials and Articles

    codeguru shared a video Quasar Framework Basics.

    Impeccable Ninja shared video on how to Sign and align Cordova apps created with Vue and Quasar.

    Reported and Fixed Issues


    matroskin reported the issue QBtn in loading state can still submit a form which was fixed by a fix(QBtn): QBtn in loading state in a form should not submit form; loading state improvements #6220
    Antonio Neto reported the issue Slide Item with v-if which was fixed by a fix(QSlideItem): Add key to content to workaround wrong element reuse by Vue #6214
    Lakshitha Sanoj reported the issue Error in mounted hook: “SyntaxError: ‘’ is not a valid selector” which was fixed by a chore(querySelect): Guard querySelect against incorrect usage #6198
    Eldar reported the issue Invalid parent selector :not(.disabled) in sass file which was fixed by a fix(QToggle): Fix CSS for dense hover/focus #6194
    Eugene Granik reported the issue QSelect confusing behaviour when filtering options which was fixed by a feat(QSelect): new public method -> moveOptionSelection([ offset ]) – with default offset = 1 #6121 #5768

    Submitted PRs

    ethan submitted a PR fix(docs): Bex review
    Pratik Patel submitted a PR Fixed the /script section in Quasar UMD Installation
    Tony OHagan submitted a PR Added Line Awesome to icon-sets page.
    Sergey Romanov submitted a PR language interantionalization
    ibrainventures submitted a PR [app] package.json update to latest vue-router v3.1.5 release.

    The list does not include PRs from the Quasar Core team.

    Repository Activity


    • Contributors - 3 (commits authored by Quasar community members)
    • rstoenescu - 16
    • pdanpdan - 8
    • webnoob - 2
    • hawkeye64 - 1

    And hawkeye64 commited into the following repositories:

    • QScroller - 3
    • QCalendar - 17
    • QIconPicker - 23
    • QMarkDown - 6
    • QMediaPlayer - 2
    • QOverlay - 2
    • QFlashcard - 2

    Quasar Awesome Example Applications

    Staff Pick of the Week!
    ejez created a repository which shows how to add a multilingual support for your Quasar project. It is quite compete and covers:

    • vue-i18n
    • SEO with hreflang links
    • Lazy loading of quasar language packs and vue-i18n messages
    • Multi-lingual routes (urls) using language prefix
    • Auto-detection of app language from url language prefix or cookie (or fallback to default language)
    • Language selector component
    • If the language is changed using the language selector, a corresponding page translation will be shown if it exists in the target language.
    • Ability to use a quasar language pack for a different language/locale, for example you can use quasar ‘en-us’ language pack for ‘en’ app language (you are not forced to use ‘en-us’ as an app language)
    • ssr support

    Quasar Releases

    As always you can find all latest releases and release notes in the documentation.

    Quasar Official App Extension Releases

    Thank you for your valuable time in making Quasar a better framework! We’ll be continuing this posting of favorites in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 🙂

    Call to action
    Please share important or interesting contributions, Quasar community news, tutorials, videos or great goding tips and tricks. Those which you would like to see in the next Quasarians in Actions. Please use Quasar chat preferable in channels #i-made-this, #offtopic or #other AND tag @Stanislav (EN/CZ-eu).

    If you like this aggregation of best contributions and would even like a more direct reception of this information, or you have any other ideas for honoring contributions to Quasar, please let us know in the Discord.

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