Access Capacitor API from store action ?

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to access a Capacitor API e.g. Storage, from a Quasar store module action ?
    I’m trying to populate state from Storage on app load (through prefetch) but I can’t seem to reference @capacitor/core.

    I was trying to do something like this in a store action (but it can’t get the dependency reference to capacitor/core)

    import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core'
    const { Storage } = Plugins
    export function getCompanyId (context) {
      const { companyId } = Storage.get({ key: 'companyId' })
      context.commit('companyId', companyId)

    … but keep being met with errors like this even after playing around with the path

    This dependency was not found:
    * @capacitor/core in ./src/store/appConfig/index.js, ./src/store/appConfig/actions.js

    Anyone done anything similar or can suggest a better approach?

  • OK seems like it does work fine, it just won’t work with SPA build… doing some more tests

  • @tlloyduk since the dep is inside your src-capacitor/node_modules, you can use a relative path, or register an alias in quasar.conf.js to said folder. ie. import { Plugins } from 'someAliasToSrcCapacitorNodeModulesFolder/@capacitor/core'. tested on dev, but not sure if this work on production.

  • Thanks metalsadman, I might experiment with that to see if I can run the app without the emulator for rapid dev

  • Using the app alias worked, e.g.
    import { Plugins } from 'app/src-capacitor/node_modules/@capacitor/core'


  • Thank you @tlloyduk
    i use this line

    import { Plugins } from '../../src-capacitor/node_modules/@capacitor/core';

  • @Marin-Vartan Is there any reason not to install It separately outside src-capacitor?

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