No circle to check QRadio

  • Hi,

    I am using latest version of quasar with vue-cli.
    Trying to add some radio group, it does not work : the circle area to check the radio is not showing (see below).

    When I look the code in my browser (firefox) I have that:

    <div tabindex="0" class="q-radio cursor-pointer no-outline row inline no-wrap items-center">
      <div class="q-radio__inner relative-position no-pointer-events q-radio__inner--active">
         <input type="radio" class="q-radio__native q-ma-none q-pa-none invisible">
         <div class="q-radio__bg absolute"><div class="q-radio__outer-circle absolute-full"></div>
         <div class="q-radio__inner-circle absolute-full"></div>
    <div class="q-radio__label q-anchor--skip">Line</div></div>

    while when I look to the code in the quasar documentation the “q-radio__inner-circle” div is not there, replaced by the svg of the circle. So, the issue must be that the svg is not generated, any ideas why?

    Thanks a lot 🙂 .

  • Ahhh, I just tried to build (“npm run build” instead of “npm run serve”) my app, and then I can see the circles of the radios. Is there some tweaks to generate the svgs even in development mode?

  • I do not know what was changed, but since I updated to the 1.9.1 version, the circles get shown even in development mode. Thanks.

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