Quasar v1.8.4 released! Perf & lots of new features

  • Admin

    Even more perf enhancements and lots of new features. Enjoy!



    • feat(QScrollArea): Use native browser scroll instead listening for wheel/pan events - makes the scroll obey browser/os settings #6213 (#6238)
    • feat(position-engine): Some tweaks to setPosition (#6245)
    • feat(VirtualScroll): Add utility classes .q-virtual-scroll–skip and .q-virtual-scroll–with-prev #6224
    • feat(VirtualScroll): Add refresh method; Add ref to virtual scroll instance in payload of ‘virtual-scroll’ event #6248
    • feat(QImg): Add option to enable native context menu #6233
    • perf(TouchPan): do not clone event if not necessary
    • feat+perf(QDrawer): Improve touch/mouse handling when opening/closing #6206
    • feat(QCard/QCardSection): Add “tag” String prop; create “tag” mixin
    • feat(QIcon): New String prop (“tag”) #6263
    • feat(TS): Update editor icon types
    • feat(TS): enhance types

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