gt-md class doesn't work on <q-btn> component

  • I want to hide the button when the screen is small, put the gt-md class on the q-btn, it doesn’t work. It must be put inito the div.

    Is it right ?

        <!-- Header -->
        <q-toolbar slot="header" style="height: 80px; background: #818181">
          <div class="gt-sm">
          <q-btn flat @click="$refs.layout.toggleLeft()">
            <q-icon name="menu" />
          <q-btn flat @click="$refs.layout.toggleRight()" class="gt-sm">
            <q-icon name="menu" />

  • Admin

    Fixed. No longer necessary to wrap buttons. Thanks for reporting!
    Now “npm update quasar-framework” (if using the edge version, which I think you do).


  • Thank you so much!

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