Quasar v1.8.0 released! A lot of new stuff and many improvements.

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    • feat(QFile): New component #6145 https://quasar.dev/vue-components/file-picker
    • feat(ui): Line Awesome (webfont & svg) Quasar Icon Sets #6164
    • feat(docs): Add webfont & svg icon naming guide https://quasar.dev/vue-components/icon
    • feat(Dialog): Basic validation https://quasar.dev/quasar-plugins/dialog#Basic-validation
    • feat(QCheckbox/QRadio/QToggle/QOptionGroup): New prop -> “size” #6057
    • feat(QToggle): Indeterminate state
    • feat(QToggle): New prop -> icon-color
    • feat(ui): Refactor all components using target/scroll-target to use the same interface while allowing more options #5906 (#5421)
    • feat(QChip): Truncate long labels with ellipsis #6154 (#6161)
    • feat(QSelect): Add skipInputValue as second parameter to moveOptionSelection to allow navigation without updating input-value (#6171)
    • feat(QTable): New scoped slot -> “loading” for customizing the loading state #5965 https://quasar.dev/vue-components/table#Loading-state
    • feat(QTable): Improve dense mode design
    • feat(QCheckbox/QToggle): Small tweak to v-model #2067
    • feat(scroll): Enhance scrollTarget() utils #5906
    • perf(QSlider/QRange): Avoid adding markers fragment when not needed
    • refactor(position-engine): simplify iOS positioning variables
    • feat(docs): Add an export to csv example for QTable https://quasar.dev/vue-components/table#Exporting-data


    • fix(QBtn): give up “align-self: auto” and let default browser behavior #6113
    • fix(ui): temporary workaround for jetbrains/webstorm/IDEA until their fix reaches production
    • fix(Platform): fix body classes correction algorithm on client when coming from SSR
    • fix(QIcon): CSS for Fontawesome duotone #6139
    • fix(QIcon): Misc fixes for SVG icon support in IE (#6142)
    • fix(QExpansionItem): Hydration error when an svg Quasar Icon Set is being used
    • fix(QVirtualScroll): Do not offset the scroll when it is exactly on the end #6148 (#6155)
    • fix(ie): Fix vertical QCardActions and QBtn icon position when fab (#6157)
    • fix(QSelect): Use innerValue instead of value to compare on toggle #6177 (#6178)
    • fix(QUploader): export QUploaderBase for Typescript (#6180)
    • fix(TouchPan): mouseAllDir should consider action as detected on first move
    • feat+fix(touch): Better API handling for modifiers; various small fixes

    Designer considerations

    For those that have tweaked the design of QRadio, QCheckbox & QToggle, a small revision after upgrading is in order due to some small DOM structure changes. We improved the visual quality of these components while also adding the sizing ability. Some small CSS tweaks have been applied to QTable when in “dense” mode for it to look much better (but no DOM changes).

  • Keep up the good work! Huge update!

  • Hi! Can you tell how to create my own SVG Quasar Icon Set as you did the Line Awesome? Thank you!

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