How to handle validation with Stepper component?

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    In the doc example I can see that there is a toggle which I presume toggles the ready data prop and therefore makes the next step available.

    I have a series of steps similar to this, each with a requirement before the User may proceed. The docs describe all of the parts, but don’t address how this happens - for example there is nothing I could see describing how the toggle worked to unlock the next step.

    I googled for tutorials on using Vue’s stepper, but didn’t come up with much of use, any help on how to work with this - or or if there’s a broader concept I need to understand, that would be most appreciated.


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    There’s a “View Source” button available on the phone on the right side of doc. Always check that too. That’s the Quasar Play App – and you’ve got full source code for it on Github.!

    0_1478765115732_Screenshot from 2016-11-10 10:01:40.png

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